A High-Tech Solution for Tired Eyes (from Late-Night TV Binge-Streaming)

While coffee can help wake up the brain, no amount of caffeine can make you look well rested. Luckily, our editor has discovered a quick fix for puffy eyes and dark circles.

recipe for men eye patches Try as I may, I will never become a morning person. I stay up late nearly every night cramming in errands, checking off to-do’s, and yes, recently consuming Orange is the New Black in 5-episode chunks. To make matters worse, my wonderful coworkers are the brutally honest types—they’ll tell me when I look tired and haggard. It’s something I’m used to hearing almost daily, because it’s almost always true when you average five or six hours of sleep.

I’m happy to report I’ve found a solution for silencing my straight-shooting colleagues. Recently, after another 5-hour night’s sleep, I awoke exhausted and cranky. After showering and dressing, I climbed back in bed for some extra horizontal time with Recipe for Men Under Eye Patches. Twenty minutes later I peeled them off to find the skin under my eyes significantly refreshed. My undereyes were tingling a bit (in a satisfying, you-know-it’s-working way), and the dark spots and puffiness were significantly reduced.

I did another test drive in-office (pictured), since I finished the second season of OITNB last night. Luckily, that kept all water cooler talk focused on the twists and turns of my favorite show, and not once on my exhausted countenance.

Enter to win your own set of three undereye patches: In the comments below, tell us what habitually keeps you awake at night. A "Game of Thrones" binge? Studying for the GMAT? A post-dinner coffee addiction?

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY; Must be 18 or over and a legal US resident. Only 1 entry per person. Sweepstakes begins on 6/23/14 and entries must be posted by 6/24/14 at 5:00 p.m. ET. For full rules and entry details visit Birchbox.com/Rules. Void where prohibited. For full rules and entry details visit Birchbox.com/Rules.

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