Stop Saying “I’m Sorry”

How many times do you say you're sorry each day? Between my crowded commute and navigating the busy kitchen at Birchbox HQ, I'd say I've uttered the word at least three times just this morning. And while we're all for politeness, many times the word serves as a precursor to an opinion or strong-minded statement—which is why a new campaign from Pantene hits home. In it we see women apologizing left and right—in the workplace, at home, at the doctor's office. One woman even apologizes for taking the covers back from her comforter-hog boyfriend! In an effort to encourage women to stop apologizing, the video then replays same scenes with the sorrys taken out, with the same shrinking ladies we saw just seconds ago reimagined as strong, confident women. It's a powerful message that we can immediately relate to—we'll be counting our sorrys for weeks to come.

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