The Truth About Hangovers, from Cause to Cure

What if we told you that everything you knew about hangovers was wrong?

It’s a brand new day for the gentleman drinker. Over the past 10 years, a surprising amount of research has gone into the science of hangovers, and a surprising amount of common knowledge has been proven incorrect.

For a recent article, Wired sat down with members of the Alcohol Hangover Research Group (our knights in shining armor), and the insights they gleaned might surprise you. For example, studies have found that most morning-after culprits—like dehydration and low blood sugar—have little effect on the magnitude of a hangover. Instead, the cause is much more precise, and involves the specific neurotransmitters that your brain cells use to communicate.

By identifying these neurotransmitters, and the receptors they impact, scientists have been able to develop remedies that block the head-splitting effects—no myths, no bull. Curiously, this has also spurred research into alcohol substitutes, with antidotes that can sober you up in a matter of minutes. For now, we’ll settle for knowledge, and a tried-and-true fix for that seventh whiskey sour.

Head to Wired to check out the full article.

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