The Most Beautiful Burgers In The World

The brilliant designers at Fat & Furious are giving burgers the ultimate facelift.

Nothing is more American than a nice juicy burger, and while we thought the art form had reached its peak with the epic Ramen Burger, the mysterious geniuses at Fat & Furious are making real hamburger art.

Conceived by a duo of French designers, these concoctions may not be 100% edible, but they just look. so. good. There's the burger styled to look like Saturn...

Saturn Burger

...the "Crabzilla" burger...

Crabzilla Burger

...the aquatic "Ocean" burger...

Ocean Burger

..and many, many more. If it's wrong to play with your food, we're glad that these guys don't care.

Check out the Fat & Furious site for the full collection of wild and wondrous confections.

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