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  • What Can Bamboo Charcoal Do for Your Skin?

    What Can Bamboo Charcoal Do for Your Skin?

    Amazingly, the ol’ barbecue staple is almost as essential to a healthy complexion as it is to a proper backyard cookout.

  • Reclaiming Patchouli from the Deadheads

    Reclaiming Patchouli from the Deadheads

    Earthy and herbaceous patchouli oil has been a staple for the tie-dye set for decades. Now it’s showing up as a sensual—and sophisticated—balsamic base note in all kinds of colognes, perfumes, and unisex blends.

  • Ingredient Decoder: Retinol

    Ingredient Decoder: Retinol

    Here’s everything you need to know about this age-defying skincare ingredient.

  • Ingredient Decoder: Lanolin

    Ingredient Decoder: Lanolin

    Don’t be sheepish: this über-moisturizing emollient (derived from wool) can be used for everything from softening callouses to soothing irritated skin.

  • Making a Comeback: Bay Rum

    Making a Comeback: Bay Rum

    That fragrance most people associate with Dad’s aftershave is made up of just two things: bay leaves and rum. This vintage scent is back in a big way.

  • Ingredient Decoder: Shea Butter

    Ingredient Decoder: Shea Butter

    In recent years, shea butter has been adopted by the western world—so much so that the ingredient has become practically synonymous with moisturizer.

  • Ingredient Decoder: Green Tea

    Ingredient Decoder: Green Tea

    Whether it's steeped in hot water or added to skincare formulations, this tealeaf is a healthy investment.

  • Ingredient Decoder: Musk

    Ingredient Decoder: Musk

    A standard base note in most fragrances, this original love potion has an origin story as intriguing as the scent itself.

  • Ingredient Decoder: Menthol

    Ingredient Decoder: Menthol

    The best products are often those you can feel working. Known for its cooling tingle, no ingredient announces itself quite like menthol does.