Known for their retro-rock sound and raucous live performances, Low Cut Connie has quickly become a band to watch in 2013. Here, members Adam Weiner and Daniel Finnemore discuss everything from James Brown to cummerbunds.

Want more music? Check out some of Low Cut Connie’s all-time favorites on this YouTube playlist. Full track list and the guys’ commentary on each song below.

Nolan Strong & The Diablos, “Mind Over Matter”
“Nolan is one of the rock and soul world's most unappreciated legends. The guy was a Detroit badass who really had some amazing cuts. This tune kills it.''

Reigning Sound, “Reptile Style”
“Greg Cartwright is one of the best songwriters around. He has had many different bands but his most recent outfit, Reigning Sound, have put out a bunch of incredible records over the last few years. They should be everybody's favorite band!''

Johnny Paycheck, “Don’t Take Her”
“Johnny was a true hellraiser and country music hero. He also had the raddest suits. This particular track will be covered by Low Cut Connie in the future. We love it.''

James Brown, “Please, Please, Please/Night Train”
“There is little to say about this performance from the TAMI show, other than just watch, love it and learn from the master. RIP JB'.”

And a few other of Low Cut Connie’s “most cared for cuts”:

Bob Dylan, “If You Gotta Go, Go Now”

Weird War, “AK47”

Jerry Lee Lewis, “Ramblin’ Rose”

Bob Seger, “2+2”

Otis Redding, “I Love You More Than Words Can Say”

Johnny & Jackey, “Someday We’ll Be Together”

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