35 Tips, Tricks, Techniques, and Coping Mechanisms for Men with Thinning Hair

There is no “cure” for hair loss. But there’s a whole lot that men can do to deal with it, from slowing it down to making the most of the hair that’s still up there. Below we’ve assembled an exhaustive list of preventative measures and proactive strategies to help stop your receding hairline in its tracks. It’s all about doing everything you can, follicle by follicle.

1. Accept the facts.
Start by coming to terms with what’s going on. Leapfrog the first four stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression), you’ll land on squarely on number five: Acceptance. Only then will you be mentally prepared to approach this list with a hopeful—and sound—mind.

2. Keep it short.
Sounds counterintuitive, but it’s best keep the hair on the sides and back of your head—where hair is thickest—close-cropped.

3. Leave it long.
Leave the hair on top of your head—where hair is thinnest—a bit longer.

4. Fight hair loss with the right shampoo.
Choosing a shampoo that fights DHT, a hormone that gathers at the base of the follicle and causes thinning, can make all the difference.

5. Stay cool.
Heat stress can do terrible things to your hair, weakening proteins and priming follicles for eject. That means no more blow dryers, hot curlers, or hair straighteners.

6. Gray is OK.
Hair dyes can be brutal for the health of your hair. If coloring is a must, try reducing your dying schedule to once every 6-8 weeks.

7. Avoid harsh chemical treatments.
If the ingredients list on the back of your product reads like the deep end of a college chemistry textbook, you probably shouldn’t use it. Natural is better.

8. Go easy on the push-and-pull.
The less strain you put on your hair, the better. Avoid excessive brushing, braiding, and tight curlers—anything that threatens your volatile follicles.

9. Find a soft brush.
Try using a soft brush to be kinder on your roots. Nothing plastic or metal.

10. Or, you know, one with lasers in it.

11. Make a dermatologist appointment.
When you notice your hair is thinning, get a scalp biopsy. A professional can help you formulate a plan.

12. Use water-based styling products.
Waxes and oils can deteriorate hairs. Plus, the manipulation it takes to put your locks in place can add an extra tug on, causing strands to fall out. Be gentle! And read up on our tips for styling thin hair.

13. Consider Minoxodil.
It’s better known as Rogaine, and if you can handle applying twice a day, then it’ll help you keep what you have.

14. Maybe don’t consider Dutasteride.
Wait—a drug that leads to prostate inflammation also helps with hair loss? Seems like there are a lot of red flags with this one.

15. Consider Finasteride with caution.
AKA Propecia. This one may be effective, but it comes with its own set of drawbacks.

16. Don’t over wash.
Sure, hygiene takes practice and discipline, but it’s actually not great for you to wash your hair every day—for a variety of reasons. When it comes to thinning hair, shampoo can break down the natural structure and strength.

17. Pat dry.
Vigorous towel rubs, while a nice feeling, aren’t conducive to hair retention. Be gentle.

18. Hats off.
Seriously. It may seem like a good hiding tool, but doff that cap. The friction can cause you to shed.

19. Follow the news.
New developments are coming out all the time. Some are groundbreaking, promising a future wonder drug, while others are freaky adaptations of old methods, but it pays to become a student of the science.

20.Take your cues from the beard.
Got a healthy beard? You’re doing something right. Follow this advice for growing healthy facial hair—the same principles apply for your head hair.

21. Get protein from food, not shampoo.
Protein strengthens hair, but it’s best to provide the nourishment from the inside out.

22. Ingest iron.
This essential mineral, known for its strength, helps fortify your hair.

23. Prioritize Vitamin C.
It promotes iron absorption. All the more incentive to order a steak and spinach salad.

24. Seek out omega-3 fatty acids.
These prevent hair from getting dry and brittle.

25. Fill up on biotin.
Also called Vitamin B-7, biotin can increase the rate at which hair grows. Added bonus: Biotin is in brewer’s yeast.

26. Get your zinc.
Zinc helps the cell renewal process, so keeping your levels regulated is a must.

27. Consider saw palmetto.
This herbal remedy may stimulate hair growth.

28. Order a supplement cocktail.
You’d be hard-pressed to get all these nutrients from diet alone. Try getting a batch of vitamins and pills to help out.

29. De-stress.
Excess demand on your body always promises diminishing returns. So, take a breath. Take a break. Slow it down.

30. Exercise.
It always helps reduce stress, and cardio exercise can help. The extra blood flow to your scalp is an added bonus.

31. Get plenty of sleep.
Hair needs naptime, too. Sleep is your body’s prime time to rejuvenate itself.

32. Get a custom hairpiece.
As we learned from Mr. Pisacreta Carmine, some hairpieces can look really good.

33. Perfect the Comb Over.
As Christian Bale showed us in American Hustle, when done well, the comb over is an art form.

34. Get a hair transplant.
Surgically moving hair from the back of your head—where hair is the thickest—to the front is expensive, but it works.

35. Embrace the bald look.
Bald works for a lot of guys: Jason Statham, Andre Agassi, Patrick Stewart, Magic Johnson, and Bruce Willis—just to name a few. If you project confidence, you can pull it off.

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