Birchbox Investigates: Beauty Advice from Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s wooed Hollywood’s elite and introduced us to the phenomenon known as “conscious uncoupling.” Love her or hate her, the Goop founder is a permanent fixture on newsfeeds and magazine stands alike. Given her popularity, it’s high time we aimed our microscope on the lifestyle guru’s sometimes untraditional beauty advice. Here, we dissect Gwynnie’s hits—and the occasional miss.

Gwyneth's Advice: Exfoliate your way to a radiant complexion.

In a recent interview, Paltrow stressed the importance of exfoliation. "I still think a hot wash cloth is a really good exfoliator," she said. “A hot wash cloth and a good scrub."
Our take: We stand in solidarity with Gwyneth’s skin-buffing cause. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin and leaves your complexion silky to the touch. We recommend dr. brandt® microdermabrasion skin exfoliant. This powerful treatment instantly brightens all skin types and, over time, eventually reduces the appearance of fine lines, acne marks, and discoloration. (And wouldn’t you know? Paltrow is also a fan.)

Gwyneth's Advice: Ditch your base makeup.

Known to take a makeup-free selfie, Paltrow regularly eschews cover-up in favor of a bare face. Commenting on her philosophy, the actress said, “I basically just put on moisturizer—and that's kind of it. If I have a meeting or something I'll put on some mascara, but that's as far as I go.”
Our take: While we dig Gwyneth’s self-confidence, we say: Wear what makes you comfortable. If Kardashian-level contouring and a bold lipstick tickles your fancy, you go girl.

Gwyneth's Advice: Puffy eyes? Dunk your head in a bucket of icy water.

Any faithful Paltrow fan knows the actress relies on this classic beauty move to revitalize her complexion. In her Goop-ness’s own words, "If I'm really tired and puffy, I dip my face in a bucket of ice water to get the blood flowing to my skin.”
Our take: Though women have perked up their complexions with the ol’ head-in-icy-water trick for decades, we do think there are slightly more practical ways to appear refreshed, like applying Caudalie’s S.O.S. Morning Eye Rescue. The high-tech formula treats fatigued-looking skin with a roster of active ingredients like antioxidant-rich organic grape water.

Gwyneth's Advice: Opt for organic beauty goods.

A devotee to healthy living, Gwyneth says, “It's very important that what you put on your skin is natural, because it's so readily absorbed into your system.”
Our take: We agree. Thanks to ingredient conscious brands like W3LL PEOPLE, Gwyn can have her (organic) cake and eat it, too. The Austin-based company creates pro-quality makeup without harsh, artificial ingredients. To cop the cookbook author’s radiance, try the Narcissist Stick Foundation. The all-natural formula is full of skin-loving ingredients, and the retractable tube ensures a mess-free application.

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