Birchbox Staffers’ Turkey Day Traditions

Thanksgiving: It's just as much about food as it is about family. Before our staffers headed home for the holiday break, we had them share their favorite family traditions. From the sporty to the sweet, here's what they had to say:

“Every year, my mother, brothers, and I do a ‘turkey trot’ on the morning of Thanksgiving to make way for all of the goodies that we are about to indulge in. It's a nice way to do something together that is not completely centered around eating. And of course, there is something beautiful about getting some fresh crisp air in your lungs before lying around the house all day.”—Charlie Cooper, Photo Manager

“We go around the table saying what we're thankful for, and my sister and I bicker about how much butter goes in the mashed potatoes.”—Mollie Chen, Editorial Director

“Our tradition is family football!”—Isabel Mitchell, Associate Sample Planner

“My mom, dad, sister, and I watch the Thanksgiving parade from start until Santa, and then we switch to the dog show. Our dog, Rory, gets very involved (and opinionated). Then we all cook together and go over to a friend’s house. My favorite tradition of ours, though, is that Friday we have second Thanksgiving, where we make the meal all over again and enjoy it just the four of us.”—Sarah Wormser, Social Media Associate

“I make the same pumpkin pie every year—the filling is from a Bon Appétit recipe I first discovered on Epicurious while living in Italy in the late 1990s and feeling homesick. The secret: a thin layer of apricot preserves in between the crust and pumpkin. It adds a surprising note of sweet-tart!”—Bene Cipolla, Director of Editorial Operations

And perhaps the most epic of them all…

“Okay, so my family is pretty big. On Thanksgiving we have at least two turkeys set to cover Thanksgiving dinner; you'd think after two turks and countless sides that would cover the whole night right? Eh, wrong. Around 7p.m., we all wake up from our ‘turkcoma.’ This is the time when Poppy (my grandfather) starts calling "Turkeyyy! Who wants a turkey sangwich?" (Yes, that's how he pronounces it.) We all head back into the kitchen and make the best turkey sandwiches you can imagine. Because my family is so big, my mom has to make a complete separate turkey just for the "leftover turkey sangwiches.” Yes, that's three turkeys. My family is awesome.”—Brielle Fewer, Associate, People & Culture

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