Do-Gooder Beauty Brands

While volunteering and giving to charities is a great idea (and one we’re putting into practice this month in honor of our #moregood theme by donating $25,000 to No Kid Hungry), there’s another, everyday thing you can do: Shop for products with a conscience. We've rounded up the Good Samaritans of the beauty world for an easy way to give back (and look fabulous doing it).

The Issue: Sustainability

The Brand: Shea Terra Organics

The Tactic: By sourcing ingredients directly from local African communities, Shea Terra aids indigenous groups in their efforts to lift themselves out of poverty. And the brand helps the environment by preserving natural habitats through sustainable farming practices.

The Brand: BeeKind

The Tactic: What would a bee-less world look like? Without these pollen-carriers to help plants reproduce, very grim indeed. This luxury bath and body brand donates a portion of net profits to honey bee research at the University of California, which supports sustainable pollination—and a bee-filled world.

The Brand: Davines

The Tactic: The folks at Davines are on a multipronged mission to leave the world cleaner than they found it. To name just a few initiatives: eco-friendly packaging, a commitment to clean energy and energy off-setting, and their annual Sustainable Beauty Day—where money from haircuts and blowouts at Davines salons is funneled toward socio-environmental projects like sustainable agriculture and nature conservation.

The Issue: Animal Welfare

The Brand: Alison Raffaele

The Tactic: All of the makeup from this top-shelf cosmetic company is made from vegan ingredients. (For the uninitiated, that means no animal products whatsoever.) Bonus: The paraben- and toxin-free formulas are healthy for the environment and your skin.

The Brand: Vasanti

The Tactic: Vasanti’s breakthrough skincare formulas give our skin a luminous, near-ethereal glow we thought was only achievable with Instagram filters. And they do it all without animal testing.

The Brand: Number 4 Hair Care

The Tactic: Every product in this high-performance haircare line is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Baby bunnies are dancing in the streets. (Not really, but we wanted to you picture it.)

The Issue: Global Health

The Brand: Laura Mercier

The Tactic: In addition to creating everyday makeup miracles, Laura Mercier is determined to kick ovarian cancer to the curb. The Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund works to educate, raise awareness, and fund research on this devastating disease. 100% of the profits of select Laura Mercier products are earmarked for the fund.

The Brand: Yes To™

The Tactic: Yes To™ has taught us a thing or two about the beautifying powers of produce (carrots, grapefruit, blueberries)—but they’re also intent on sharing the wider virtues of fruits and veggies. The Yes To™ Seed Fund helps build community gardens around the globe, providing kids with the building blocks for healthy living.

The Brand: Clark’s Botanicals

The Tactic: Francesco Clark’s personal history formed not just the foundation for his award-winning skincare line, but its philanthropic side as well. After suffering a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed, Clark had to rebuild his life—and grooming habits—from scratch. Today, his company donates a share of its profits to the Christopher Reeve Foundation, which funds research on spinal cord injuries.

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