Dove Continues Its Campaign Against Negative Body Image with This New Video

You may remember Dove's Be Real viral video campaign (3 million views and counting!) from earlier this year, which compared the way women describe themselves with the way others see them. This week, the brand behind the ever-popular Beauty Bar unveiled another attempt to address self-image with its "Selfie Documentary."

In the video, teenage girls and their mothers are given a simple assignment—to take selfies with their phones. The workshop yields an outpouring of troubling (yet expected) self-deprecation from the teens and moms alike. Things like, "I hate my hair" or "I hate my glasses." At the end of the project, the selfies are placed on display and decorated with affirming Post-It messages like, "confident smile." By the end of the project, the girls are able to see that it's their very imperfections and differences that make them stand out. "The things that made them different made them unique," says one of the girls, "and that made them beautiful." Another shared, with a smile on her face, "I was looking through my selfies last night and realized that I am beautiful. I'm pretty cute."

At under 10 minutes, it's worth a watch during your lunch break. With messages like Dove's and Aerie's new no-retouching ad campaign, it's good to know that the many different (and different-looking) women of the world are working together to #redefinebeauty.

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