Sarah Endline: Beauty in Action

Sarah Endline, founder of sweetriot, is a very easy person to love. Not only has she applied her considerable business acumen (her resume includes stints at Microsoft and the World Bank, plus a MBA from Harvard Business School, no big deal) toward bringing dark chocolate to consumers — but she’s doing it in a way that betters the world. Her company sources its main ingredient, cacao, directly from fair trade farms in Latin America, and packages its delicious treats in recyclable tins. Spending half her time on the road, this globetrotting entrepreneur has become a master of packing light and traveling smart. Fortunately for Birchbox, she shared with us her favorite mission-minded beauty brands and best on-the-go tips.

Sleep is part of rejuvenating your mind and body. I never get less than six hours a night. I have a lot of energy during the day and it’s because I believe in deep, healthy sleep.

Red lipstick exudes confidence, which is a must for female entrepreneurs. MAC gives back to the things I care about. I’m in a Viva Glam phase right now.

I’ve been using The Body Shop products since I learned about their story during college. It’s a social mission company that makes a big difference. Their Coconut Body Butter is good enough to eat and the scent reminds you of a perfect day at the beach.

Everyone needs a signature scent. I’ve been wearing Houbigant’s Quelques Fleurs since the 90’s. I think my college boyfriend gave it to me. It’s a French perfume that’s really hard to find, but now I can buy it online through Amazon.

My best travel trick: Never fully unpack your bag. I always keep the fundamentals inside my suitcase: extra set of power cords, extra set of toiletries, and my neck pillow. Now I can pack and get out the door in less than ten minutes.

I love Peacekeepers "Perfect As Is" lip balm in Rose, which was inspired by Dr. Cheryl Saban’s book What is Your Self Worth—A Woman’s Guide to Validation. The balm is super moisturizing and the rose scent is very calming. Plus it's a beauty product with a cause. Who doesn't love that?

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