The GIF Guide to Applying Fragrance Properly

Like many fine points in grooming, fragrance application is often botched. It seems intuitive enough, but a lot of guys apply too much and do it in all the wrong places. Think you know how to put on cologne the right way? Check your technique against these fresh-smelling animations below. They’ll show you how to wield the spray bottle, sample, or magazine swatch in a way that ensures you don’t smell like you swam in it.

The Spray Bottle

bottle 1
This is probably the most common container you’ll come across (especially if you’re the frequent recipient of fragrance as a gift.)
bottle 2
There are a couple ways to handle this one, but we recommend avoiding direct spray to your torso or neck. That’s simply more juice than you need. Instead, go for a light layer of mist on wrists, sprayed at an angle from about 5-6 inches from the surface of the skin. (Don’t get to close, otherwise you’ll have dripping.)
bottle 3
An even mist over the wrists will give you the perfect amount to pull off the gentle neck dab. Don’t smush or smear, just lightly press.
bottle 4
Or, for an even lighter layer (on your clothes instead of your skin), try the walk-through.

The Sample Vial

vial 5
This should come in extra handy for Birchbox Men, who find samples like this in their boxes every once in awhile. Instead of applying with your fingers (a mistake we see often), pop the lid off the bottle and hold (with an air-tight seal) directly against your wrist. Then carefully turn your hand over.
vial 6
Again, using the fragrance on your wrist, go in for the gentle neck dab.

The Magazine Swatch

mag 7
Those paper inserts aren’t just for sniffing. A surprising number of guys don’t know you can actually apply these fragrances directly to your skin. Crack open the swatch. (If it tears, it’s no big deal.)
mag 8
Dab directly to your neck. Watch out for paper cuts. mag 9

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