The Goof-Proof Eyeliner That Anyone (Yes, Anyone) Can Use

I generally avoid wearing eyeliner or mascara during the workday—not because I can’t appreciate a good cat-eye, but because I have a habit of absentmindedly rubbing my face while I’m concentrating. Next thing I know, I’m sporting a pair of smudgy panda eyes, and not one of my coworkers has bothered to tell me about it (thanks, guys!).

Understandably, I was a little gun-shy about trying Cynthia Rowley Beauty’s newest launch, a creamy eyeliner pencil. (Spoiler alert: Some subscribers will receive a sample of the liner—in either the black or silver shade—in their April boxes.) Despite my fears, I’d heard that the star designer’s formula was exceptionally longwearing, so I agreed to give it a chance.

Using my iPhone screen as a mirror, I quickly traced my upper and lower lash line with the black eyeliner sample. Two things immediately struck me: One, armed with a sharpened tip, the creamy pencil is supereasy to apply, even for a liner newbie like myself. Two, the color is unusually saturated and holds together well (no crumbly formula here). The silver shade is a shimmery metallic that doesn’t fade or smudge when it’s applied to skin and the black shade is an inky true black. After using the black, my lashes looked fuller and more striking, and the whites of my eyes immediately looked brighter.

Cut to a few minutes later. As I was busy hammering out a draft for the Magazine, I reached up and rubbed my right eye. (What? It itched!) With a groan, I remembered I was still wearing the liner. Was I fated to repeat the same beauty mistakes of yore?

Upon dashing to the bathroom for a mirror check, I realized that my fears were unfounded. True to its promise, Cynthia Rowley Beauty’s Eyeliner hadn’t moved an inch. And I was really starting to grow fond of the way I looked with it on—slightly edgier, but still myself. The black formula was my training wheels for more advanced shades—like the sky blue and violet that also launched in our Shop. Is it any surprise that two weeks later, I’m still using the very same sample?

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