Birchbox Man Q&A: Celebrity Stylist Jason Schneidman

When it comes to producing Hollywood's most dapper coifs, Jason Schneidman is the man. Known for his work at the legendary Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills, the Dove Men+Care hair expert has worked with a slew of leading gents, including Hugh Jackman, Rob Lowe, Bruno Mars, Cam Gigandet, and Jonah Hill. It’s safe to say he’s earned his has a super-cool moniker: "The Men's Groomer". We sat down with Schneidman for an exclusive chat about warm-weather cuts, his most requested styles, and the must-have hair products every man needs to own.

BBMan: What types of cuts have been most requested this summer?

Schneidman: This summer, a lot of guys have been asking for a shorter, effortless Steve McQueen-esque style. It looks a bit like a grown out, messy buzz but still has some movement. It’s easy and not too heavy, so you won’t overheat. Check out the cut I did for Cam Gigandet, who is the new star of CBS' show Reckless, for a great example of this. It is definitely different from last year, when guys were into the traditional, barbered Gatsby look.

BBMan: What's next summer’s big hair trend for men?

Schneidman: Messy, shaggy and less perfect hair will be big.

BBMan: What's a great summer-to-fall transitional hairstyle for men?

Schneidman: I love when guys grow out their hair to mid-length. It's still necessary to get light trims here and there to keep a good shape. James Dean is the perfect example of the mid-length look since it’s grown out, but still well maintained.

BBMan: What’s one men's hair trend you’d like to see die?

Schneidman: A close crop with a part and longer hair on top is something I’ve seen a lot of in the last year. It’s getting dated. I'm all about men exploring new trends, styles, and cuts regularly. Switching it up is what’s exciting for me!

BBMan: What products should every man have in his grooming arsenal?

Schneidman: There are two products I can't live without: a good matte styling paste and a fortifying shampoo. A matte styling paste with medium hold works on all hair textures, and I use this on all of my clients since the product allows me to redefine their natural hairstyles. I love pastes because they are moldable and versatile. It's also better than your typical gel or hairspray since you can re-apply to refresh your look without that crispy/flaky appearance that other products create. Fortifying shampoo is the best choice for hair that needs moisture. I recommend guys wash their hair the night before styling or a big event since it’ll save them time the day-of and their hair will have just enough build-up and volume to start the styling process.

BBMan: What's your tried-and-true secret for great facial hair?

Schneidman: I think 10 days of growth creates the best results. After 10 days, just take it back down again with trimmers—and start the cycle again. It’s easy to maintain and if you leave the beard or stubble natural and don’t edge it up too much on the sides or bottom, it looks natural and easy.

BBMan: What's your advice for test-driving a hairstyle before taking the plunge?

Schneidman: Consult with a professional before you make any drastic hairstyle changes. They’ll be able to give you an unbiased opinion and see if a style will work with your hair texture and face shape.

Photos courtesy of Jason Schneidman

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