All October 2010: Dress Up Stories

  • Holiday Hostess Gifts

    Holiday Hostess Gifts

    The holidays mean lots of festivities. Fun! But also stressful — especially for the hostess. This season, be the best kind of a guest (a present-bearing one) with these stellar gifts.

  • Beauty Dare: Winged Eyeliner

    Beauty Dare: Winged Eyeliner

    Take eyeliner to new heights. Makeup artist Diane da Silva shows how to do winged liner — no smudges!

  • Super Skincare

    Super Skincare

    Basic moisturizers work on dry skin, but what about when you want dramatic change? Enter the latest breed of super skin creams.

  • Vintage Beauty

    Vintage Beauty

    We went behind the scenes at Market Publique's vintage showroom to hang out with founder Pamela Castillo and learn how to make vintage makeup look modern.

  • Beauty Sleep

    Beauty Sleep

    When you don’t get enough sleep (ideally seven to nine hours), you look as sluggish as you feel: puffy undereye area, dull-looking skin, and more. Find out why.

  • Mastering Eyeliner

    Mastering Eyeliner

    Eyeliner challenged? No longer. Makeup artist Diane da Silva tells us the foolproof way to get clean, eye-opening definition.

  • Mastering the Easy Updo

    Mastering the Easy Updo

    Updos are easier than you think and infinitely cooler than your usual pony. Oribe educator Ronnie Stam shows us to get a downtown cool look with a handful of hair bands, pins, and some texturizing spray.

  • Mastering Blow Outs

    Mastering Blow Outs

    Oribe educator Ronnie Stam shows us how to get a salon-style blow out at home.

  • Masterclass: Nailing the At-Home Manicure

    Masterclass: Nailing the At-Home Manicure

    The definitive guide to the DIY manicure.

  • Karmic Grace: Beauty in Action

    Karmic Grace: Beauty in Action

    What does a full-time yoga instructor and avid marathoner do to stay fresh? Hint: It's not lipstick.

  • Deborah Lippmann’s Nail Tips

    Deborah Lippmann’s Nail Tips

    Mani Queen Deborah Lippmann gives us her best tips for beautiful (healthy) hands.

  • Vintage Beauty Makeup

    Vintage Beauty Makeup

    Don't save vintage looks for Halloween. Market Publique's Pamela Castillo gives us tips on making retro makeup modern.