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Can’t get enough of these high-mountain scents? Get them to-go with Juniper Ridge Backpacker’s Cologne.

Juniper Ridge

Birchbox Breakdown

Before the rise of the drugstore, an outdoorsman made his toiletries with found and foraged botanicals—and we’re beginning to see why. This wildcrafted soap is the perfect companion for a modern Daniel Boone, with an all-natural formula sourced from deep-woods streams and glens. Whether you’re scrubbing up in the shower, or washing your pewter mess kit, this frontier essential will bring the mountains to you.

How it Works

Made in small batches using time-honored techniques, this soap harnesses coconut, olive, and jojoba oils to cleanse without drying. Three fragrant blends tap an array of backwoods botanicals: choose from spicy Siskiyou (cedar, spiced citrus, ginger), pine-scented Cascade Glacier (conifer boughs, spring fruit), and crisp Yuba River (pine pitch, fresh wood).

How to Use

Thanks to its no-frills formula, this hardworking soap can clean just about anything. Use it as a hand soap, body wash, or all-purpose camp soap—a quarter-sized dollop should do the trick.

Saponofied Organic Palm, Organic Olive, Organic Coconut, Organic Jojoba Oil, Natural Fragrance From Plants, Mushrooms, Wood, Bark Moss

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