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Our credo: A school of these gadgets is better than a single fish. We also support humming “Just keep swimming” while cable wrapping.

Nice Inc.

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Birchbox Breakdown

If Nemo and Martha Stewart had a baby, it would look something this playful-yet-functional accessory for your iPad power adapter. The cable organizer fits over your charger to add a bit of deep-sea flare to your set up, while keeping your wires tidy whenever you aren’t using them.

How it Works

This fish-shaped accessory fits the Apple 10W and 12W chargers included with your iPad.

How to Use

Fit your power adapter with the plug facing away from the “mouth” of the fish. Insert cable into the power adapter’s USB port as usual and wrap excess length around the fins to keep your cord tangle-free.

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Love this gadget

Just got Mr. Nibbles a month or so ago. It's helped me keep my cord untangled. Not only that it's cute to look at. If you have an extra $16.00 to blow and you like the cuteness of it, then go for it.

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Great for travel

Absolutely life-changing when traveling. The charger cords are always the last thing we throw into our carry-on. I hate how the get tangled and fall out every time you get into your bag for anything. This gadget made my travel so simple. No worries about dropping a cord while untangling in the airport.

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