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Pair this balm with Game Day Charging Spray: Energizing Facial Tonic for the ultimate postshave routine.

Game Day

Birchbox Breakdown

Old school aftershaves may work wonders on nicks and cuts, but not everyone likes the burn of an alcoholic splash. Fortunately, the father/son team at Game Day have devised a clever compromise, creating a serum-based balm that repairs and relieves skin with a fresh, cooling sensation, so you can say goodbye to postshave burn forever.

How it Works

Game Day’s unique formula includes natural ingredients like Makandi root and black tea extract to soothe and cool your skin, while simultaneously healing cuts and scrapes. Alpine willowherb extract relieves inflammation, while pear cactus extract provides built-in antiaging, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How to Use

After shaving, pump one dollop into your hand. Smooth across both palms, and massage on to face.

Forskolin (Makandi Root), Theaflavins from Black Tea, Alpine Willowherb Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed Extract, Pear Cactus Extract

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Best aftershave by miles

This is far and away the best aftershave that you can buy. Props to Birchbox for finding it. Really cools the face and hydrates the skin, no alcohol burn and drying. Try this and you will love it.

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Game Day Balm

did a great job relieving red bump irritation, feels cool and fresh after a fresh shave. Pump is very nice and dispenses proper amount without overuse.

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Really great if you have razor burn.

I didn't buy this on Birchbox but I have used it and it is essential if you have issues with razor burn. Really helps cool and soothe the skin after shaving. I have noticed both less razor burn and ingrown hairs since switching to Game Day.

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