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Izola has a knack for updating prosaic objects. We’re also fans of their elegant Shoe Brush.


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The frequency with which we forget where we put our letter opener and ruler is greater than the frequency of actually receiving snail mail or measuring things. But Izola’s handsome ruled letter opener, made of sturdy brass-plated alloy and etched with both centimeters and inches, is making us consider taking on a pen pal. At the very least, we’re inclined to display the clever hybrid on our workspace.

How it Works

Each letter opener is made of brass-plated alloy. One side is engraved with centimeters and “Break the rules.” The other side, etched with inches, says “Follow the rules.” We’ll leave you to make the hard decisions for yourself.

How to Use

Each letter opener has a hole to make it easy to hang (and keep within arm’s reach). Keep your new favorite desk implement handy for opening correspondence or taking quick measurements.

brass-plated alloy

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Multi-purpose tool

I like the idea of this letter opener/ruler combo. Unfortunately, when I first received it, the edges were square with sharp corners, which ended up tearing a narrow strip of paper out of the envelope and leaving a mess on my desktop.

I took it to my workbench and filed the edges as if I was sharpening a cutting tool. I didn't make it overly sharp, just enough to smooth out the edges, and it works much better now. So, if you're not inclined to do some work on it, this letter opener probably isn't for you.

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Love my letter opener

I use this everyday when I check the mail and it works great! My friends always ask where it came from. I just wish that Izola would not produce their products in China. The "break the rules" and "follow the rules" quotes on each side make me happy

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Works great!

Nice brass color. Length makes it easy to handle. Sharp enough to cut through packing tape but not so sharp that you cut yourself.

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