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Your skin needs protection, whether it’s damaged or not, so keep it in tip-top shape with <a href=/shop/mayron-s-goods-chapstuff-lip-and-cheek">Mayron’s Goods Chapstuff.

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Birchbox Breakdown

While your bumps and bruises will heal on their own, a good ointment can really speed the process along. This all-natural salve is a perfect fix for life’s little mishaps, providing instant relief for cuts, burns, and bruises in a handy, pocket-sized format. We’re not suggesting that you’re accident-prone, but even Rambo catches some battle damage, and it pays to be prepared.

How it Works

This healing balm draws its power from calendula oil, a product of the marigold flower that has long served as a remedy for wounds and inflammation. Its soothing, antiseptic properties can be used on any wound, including sunburns, bug bites, and even acne.

How to Use

You may hurt yourself in countless ways, but the solution is the same. Rub a small dab of ointment over any wound, big or small, and feel it work its magic.

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I have used many top of the line products for lips and this far surpassed my expectations. During this snowy, cold weather, I have even used it on my cheeks. Smooth, creamy application is complimented with the cool and practical design of the case. Will absolutely purchase again.

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Chap stuff

I really like this! It's neatly packaged in a deodorant-looking way. Not only does it help with chapped lips, you can put it on your cheeks too! Neat product as an extra bonus gift.

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Surprisely good.

This stuff works great on some cracked and chapped skin during a New England winter. I liked how it is applied via the stick. Good product.

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