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Don’t let the name fool you—this blanket is just as handy at the park or pool as it is on a sandy shore.

Artisan Project

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Birchbox Breakdown

Guys, we’ll cut right to the chase: Hemingway wouldn’t approve of your ratty old beach towel. But he would approve of this. Woven by hand in a range of splendid colors, this Moroccan-made blanket lets any man lounge like a Mediterranean dandy. It’s a stylish, summery take on an old-world accessory—for an old-world kind of gent.

How it Works

Handwoven by Moroccan artisans, this blanket sets the bar for classic beachfront panache. Made with an ultrasoft blend of cotton and acrylic, its fabric is both pleasant to lie on, and brilliant to behold.

How to Use

Throw this blanket in your weekend tote, and lay it down flat when you reach your destination. Campari on the rocks and a Panama hat are recommended, but not included.

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Gets Noticed

I liked the design of this a lot, I've used it around the pool and I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. It's great to cover a lounge chair but not as bulky as a towel. My girlfriend was so jealous she wants me to order one too.

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Awesome product

The blanket has a great feel and the colors jump off the fabric. Makes you feel like your on the beach just taking it out of the box.

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Soft blanket

My wife was happier with this beach blanket than I was, but she couldn't get over how soft it was. This is coming with us on our beach vacation...great colors!!

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