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Want something similar for the hard stuff? Consider the Falcon Enamelware Mini Tumbler.

Falcon Enamelware

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Birchbox Breakdown

We believe in the importance of drinking vessels: A good wine glass makes even two-buck-Chuck taste better. Likewise, we think your coffee cup should be sturdy but stylish, cool without trying to hard. This mug from British enamelware icon Falcon does the trick regardless of whether you’re a single-origin, whole bean kind of guy or you’ll drink anything that’s brown and comes with caffeine.

How it Works

Made of a combination of porcelain and heavy-gauge steel, this 3.4” tumbler is durable and dishwasher-safe. It may chip when dropped, but that just adds to its character.

How to Use

With a capacity of 11.8 ounces, this mug is just right for your morning pick-me-up (whatever that may be). Pour, think of campfires, and enjoy.

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