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Izola Nested Shot Glasses - May You Never... Izola Nested Shot Glasses - Twain

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Birchbox Breakdown

Strong liquor, meaningful words, and good eye contact: Few things bring friends together like a merry round of shots. Toast your companions in style with this strapping set of shot glasses, perfect for starting the evening off, or winding it down. Each bundle features a series of four matching quotes, which are great on their own, but better together—much like you and your crew.

How it Works

Made from stainless steel, and stored in a natty pouch, these shot glasses are (pretty much) Teddy Roosevelt-approved. You can choose between the "Twain" and "May You Never" sets, but either way, you'll be swilling to sagely advice.

How to Use

Fill each 3 oz. glass to the brim with your favorite spirit, reflect on the glasses' combined words of wisdom, and bottoms up.

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