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Quirky Keeper - Brown

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Love the idea of a case that doubles as a storage device? Try the Quirky Crossover.


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  • 125 mm H x 60 mm W x 11 mm D   
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Birchbox Breakdown

Few style mishaps are as unfortunate as the back-pocket bulge. Often the result of misbegotten attempts to carry an entire backpack's worth of items in one’s wallet, this fashion faux pas is easily avoidable. Enter this slim leather iPhone 5 case, which doubles as a utilitarian wallet and forces you to stick to the essentials. Added perks: It keeps your phone safe and stylish.

How it Works

This combination case and wallet slips easily onto your iPhone 5. Three card slots and a plastic window for your ID offer just enough room for everything you need (and nothing you don't). The smooth leather surface protects your phone (and looks great at the same time).

How to Use

Attach the case to your iPhone 5 and transfer your necessary cards and cash into the wallet's card slots. Slip into your pocket and you're ready to go.

Leather, Plastic

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Needs work

I agree with the above reviewers, that the iPhone tends to stay in place by pressure/friction... its a bit more then a snug fit. The max cards am able to fit is one DL in the upper, two cards at the bottom, but yet the second card is tough to remove. The leather isn't very forgiving. The bottom half where the snap button is located tends to pop out more than the upper half.

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great idea but not good product

we like the idea of this BUT you can only put a drivers license and one credit card into it. Need it to allow for more cards. cards like debit, credit, insurance cards and drivers license.

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Would be fine except my phone falls out.

I've had this on for three days. The phone doesn't "snap" into place on the case, so it seems to be held in by friction/pressure. I've been worried about it but figured that I'd spent the money on it and should give it a try. I really liked how open the face of the phone was and easy to access the buttons were. The wallet itself is pretty hard to get things into and is made from a stiff plastic instead of a softer plastic/rubber or leather type material. It seems sturdy but a bit bulky. The stitching on the plastic wallet is a nice contrast trim and is good quality work. The case itself seems a bit like an after thought. As I said above, it doesn't really hold the phone securely in place... and on the third day, my iPhone 5s fell out onto the concrete floor at work. When I put it back in, it seemed okay for the most part but looking at the case it has a spot on the corner that seems to have been "bruised" when I put the phone back in. You know when plastic gets bent and turns kinda white? That's what it looks like on the corner now even though the case has never been dropped.

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not a bad case

I just received this product and it is pretty nice. Very hard to fit cards in the wallet. Does not fit the iphone 5C, only 5/5S. The wallet is a little more bulky than I was expecting.

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