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Pair the Pivot Power with Quirky Cordies, the ultimate cord organizer for your desktop.


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Birchbox Breakdown

Even amidst the wireless revolution, we find ourselves plagued by wires. Luckily, Quirky makes this flexible surge protector that can handle any adapter and any plug,—big or small—to make your still somewhat wired life all the easier. Bonus: it looks like a bike chain.

How it Works

The flexible snake of six adjustable outlets can bend around chair and table legs as well as other hard to reach places. Four feet of cord allow you to place it where you need it most.

How to Use

Replace your current surge protector, with all those extensions and wasted outlets, with this one.

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Works well

What's better than an extension cord that you can bend around the legs of your furniture for more convenient storage?

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Excellent Surge Protector for Awkward and Round Spots

The Pivot Power it excellent! It’s a nice surge protector for awkward spaces and things with large plugs. I have the one I got from Quirky under my desk for my desktop, 2 monitors, and etc. I love that I can wrap it around the leg of my desk if I need to maneuver it around to fit everything I need. I’m 100% getting another one for other places.

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