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Triple C Designs

Birchbox Breakdown

Well-designed iPhone cases are hard to come by (that Family Guy-themed one doesn’t count), but these are an exception to the rule. Encased in sustainable wood from Africa and Asia, they look good and keep your phone protected from scratches and all other kinds of damage. But be warned: Just like your favorite sweater, this is something your girlfriend or sister is going to try to ‘borrow.’ Permanently.

How it Works

Compatible with the iPhone 5, the greenCASE comes in eye-catching walnut. The wood finish acts as a natural shield, and the plastic edging ensures the phone fits snugly in the case.

How to Use

Slip your iPhone 5 into the case and go.

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Iphone 5 only

This case is for Iphone 5 only. But its good quality and the wood look is pretty darn cool too. the edges feel like a rubber texture. Don't regret this buy at all.

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Well made

I just decided to treat myself for my birthday and get this phone case. The wood looks very classy and reminds me of Ron Burgundy from Anchor Man. My only complaint is that the inside "lips" don't come up far enough to the front of the screen to protect the phone well if you dropped it flat on the glass. I couldn't find any pictures showing how it fit the front of the phone, so it was definitely my biggest concern about the purchase. However, I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep it because it's has enough protection and looks so good.

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Well made

The wood is high quality, but it uses rubber for the bumper connection. so it will last longer than those all wood ones & no "slide in" bottom. it pops in, fits great, I love it. no complaints.

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