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To cap your routine with the world’s greatest pompadour, go for less hold and more shine with Hanz de Fuko Modify Pomade.

Hanz de Fuko

Birchbox Breakdown

As George Costanza knows, hair is a precious resource, so treat yours with the respect it deserves. This three-piece set contains the Hanz de Fuko A-Team, harnessing a list of 16+ organic extracts to clean, condition, and style, without the use of sulphates or parabens. Consider it the haircare equivalent of your local farmer’s market, without the screaming kids.

How it Works

Natural Shampoo provides an all-natural foil to grit and grime, while a unique blend of botanicals strengthens hair, and promotes a healthy scalp. Natural Conditioner takes a similar approach, using organic extracts like sea buckthorn and acai to build thicker, healthier hair as it hydrates. Sponge Wax, a long-time fan favorite, combines the pliability of a pomade with a gel’s rigid hold, enabling a wide range of styles with a classic matte finish.

How to Use

As you’ve probably guessed, you start with the shampoo, applying a small amount to wet hair before massaging it into a lather. Rinse, then follow with conditioner, using your fingers to comb it into your hair. After a few minutes, rinse it out. Once you’re clean and ready to style, rub a small amount of Sponge Wax between your fingers, and apply to hair for your desired effected. Use it on dry hair for added definition, or wet hair for greater control.

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My hair can't wait to REORDER this awesome product!

In less than a week my hair looks healthier, softer and shinier. I didn't think I really cared about those things, but when your hair looks this good you can't help but notice. Product smells great, feels great and doesn't fake at all! Highly recommend!

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Good Bargain

If you haven't already tried the Hanz de Fuko line then I highly suggest the package. Great products and basically you buy two and get one free with the package pricing.

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