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imm Living's Buck Stacking Game offers hours of fun with the same hunting-lodge aesthetic.

imm Living

Birchbox Breakdown

For centuries, the working man’s décor of choice has been the animal pelt—preferably one felled by your own hand. These days, a bear-skin rug might seem a bit much, but you can add a dash of the same rugged feel with this sharp porcelain animal tray, designed to hold a few key essentials with a little extra spirit.

How it Works

This porcelain tray is designed to mimic a big-game bear skin, and is just large enough (a little less than 5”x8”) to make an impression without going overboard.

How to Use

Place on any desk, table, or sideboard within easy reach. Use the shallow depression to keep keys, coins, rings, and other objects close at hand.


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