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Those looking to spread the woodland aesthetic to the rest of their house can pick up imm Living's Buck Stacking Game, which offers hours of entertainment with a beautifully-sculpted deer's head.

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Birchbox Breakdown

Bears may not be known for their affinity to wine, but oenophiles will find these the perfect fit for keeping their opened bottles fresh. The charming animal motif is not too subtle and not too grand, adding a little touch of whimsy to your kitchen panorama.

How it Works

The cork stopper squeezes snugly into any open spout, forming an airtight seal to keep the wine in a stable state away from fresh air. The bear design adds an outdoorsy feel to your kitchen with a light touch.

How to Use

Seal any open wine bottle tightly with the cork to keep fresh. Remove and serve the rest as desired.

Ceramic and Cork

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