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Izola Balsam Pillow - Ford

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For another memento of the great outdoors, pick up an Izola Pocket Knife.


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Birchbox Breakdown

Few experiences can beat the crisp air and rugged simplicity of an outdoor excursion. Sadly, most of our days are spent in a living room or office, pining for sunlight and spilling coffee on our ties. Now, you can bring a touch of the good life wherever you go with this rustic Balsam pillow. Emblazoned with a classic man-mantra, and stuffed with Balsam fir, it will serve as a trusted source of both visual and olfactory motivation through those taxing indoor stretches.

How it Works

Made in the USA, this 100% cotton pillow is stuffed with the needles of a Balsam fir tree, bringing an unmistakable aroma and aesthetic to any indoor setting.

How to Use

Tuck it in a desk drawer, toss it in the back seat, or display it proudly on your bed or sofa.

Case: 100% cotton, Filling: Balsam fir needles

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Ok for a small room.

I love the fragrance of this pillow: like a wet Pacific Northwest forest. My only disappointment is that it is not very fragrant. It can be smelled directly from the pillow, but room-filling it is not.

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Perfect for the wood choppers out there!

I know there's not many of those but I love chopping wood and this is perfect! Plus, it smells amazing. It came in a plastic bag and I could smell it from outside the bag. Perfect quote and should be keeping everything in my closet smelling good for awhile!

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