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Birchbox Breakdown

Like the company of friends, good food has the power to transform a room: To break away the stresses and complexities of life until the only thing left is a simple, beautiful meal. This cookbook from Kinfolk Magazine captures the very best of both, with unforgettable recipes especially chosen for intimate, heartfelt occasions. Whomever you choose to share them with, expect to savor the experience well past the final course.

How it Works

45 noted influencers—including chefs, artisans, writers, and more—share their favorite home-cooked recipes, crafting simple, low-cost meals that capture the magic of a warm and hearty gathering. From rustic one-pot dinners to a romantic breakfast for two, this diverse assortment will never come up short.

How to Use

Break out this heartwarming collection for any special meal, whether you’re planning a rainy-day breakfast in bed, or a classic family picnic.

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