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To smooth out wrinkled fabrics while traveling, use The Laundress® Crease Release.

The Laundress®

Birchbox Breakdown

This isn’t the fabric spray of your college years. Back when you needed to mask the musty odor of a hand-me-down beanbag chair or unwashed shirt, those chemicals did the trick, but it’s high time you graduated to something a bit more sophisticated. This nontoxic spray eliminates bad smells on contact, using gentle and simple ingredients. Use it on anything—from dirty linens to smelly old sneakers.

How it Works

This nontoxic spray has gentle antibacterial properties that help nip unpleasant smells in the bud. The laundry-fresh scent mingles lily of the valley with jasmine, sweet musk, sandalwood, and a hint of citrus.

How to Use

Holding the bottle 6 inches away, lightly spray onto fabric. It’s safe on all fabrics so long as you’re misting, not soaking it through. Think: car interiors, linens, home furnishings, clothes, and shoes.

Deionized water, alcohol, essential oils, and fragrance.

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after-shave scent

I was thrilled to see a linen spray on Birchbox, but I'm so ambivalent about this product. From the description, I was expecting a sweet floral scent, maybe a little herbal.

It's a spicy, masculine scent. Just like after-shave, or a men's cologne. It's not unpleasant, but I don't really want my sheets and furniture smelling like after-shave. I don't know where the 'laundry-fresh' in the description came from, I've never had laundry that smelled like Old Spice. :)

The scent fades very, very quickly. When you walk back into the room 15 minutes after spraying linens, the scent is gone. It does freshen right away, but don't expect the scent to linger.

It's not a bad product at all, as long as you're OK with the scent. I can see it being nice for freshening up a young man's place, or a boy's dorm room.

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High quality product!

I use this product on my business clothes and it works wonders on my clothes. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

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