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Taking a trip overseas? This tool is 100% TSA-friendly, so it can follow where you lead.

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Birchbox Breakdown

There are countless multitools designed for the modern handyman, but only one that can fit in his wallet. This compact companion sets the bar for overachievers: It’s one millimeter wide, one ounce in weight, and packs 12 varied functions into one sheet of steel. If we didn’t know better, we’d say that Batman was involved (and we’re still not convinced he wasn’t).

How it Works

Formed from a single ounce of stainless steel, each PocketMonkey is subjected to a special hardening process, producing four times the strength with no increase in weight. This allows the tool to perform a wide variety of rough-and-tumble tasks, in spite of its ultrathin form.

How to Use

This pocket-sized tool packs 12 unique functions into one sheet of stainless steel. Here’s the full list, so try to keep up: It features a phone stand, bottle opener, door latch slip, letter opener, orange peeler, earbud wrap, ruler, and straight edge, plus a flat, micro, and Phillips head screwdriver (say that ten times quicky). Best of all, each function comes with a handy visual label, making it easy to use at a moment’ notice.

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Perfect Pocket Tool

I got this for my husband and he absolutely loves it. It is so light and fits in his wallet perfectly. He has to travel for work occasionally and recently flew with it. It claimed to be TSA approved and although I was a little scared that it might get confiscated it didn't. I was really impressed with quality and the amount of things that such a tiny tool can do. I can't wait to see how many things he can do with it!

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Perfect pocket tool

I am getting a ton of these as stocking stuffers/last minute gifts. One is going in my wallet.

P.S. I'm not a man but I shop over here in the men's section -- shhh!

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