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Izola Laundry Bag - Soiled Garments Izola Laundry Bag - Anatomy of a Shirt

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Treat your shoes with the same respect you give your clothes and give them the occasional shine using the Izola Shoe Brush.


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  • 25" x 22" x 8"   
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Birchbox Breakdown

It’s the man who makes the clothes (not the other way around), but, sadly that doesn’t make washing your duds any more glamorous. Improve the look and feel of laundry day with these heavy-duty bags, proof that even the humblest objects have the potential to turn heads. At a generous 25” x 22” x 8”, their size gives you an extra week between washes, and the vintage designs on their cotton/poly canvas mean you won’t mind the wait.

How it Works

Thick construction ropes laced through brass grommets form a tight seal, and each bag comes with a list of washing tips to keep your laundry game on point. Best of all, the bag’s light-hearted design element will make the perfect conversation piece to finally woo that laundromat muse.

How to Use

While this bag was optimized to lug dirty laundry, its adjustable shoulder strap and navy-inspired design means it can pull double duty as a gym bag or weekend duffel.

Cotton/poly canvas

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