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When your travels carry you farther than just across town, the Izola Dopp Kit fits a more comprehensive on-the-road grooming regimen.


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Birchbox Breakdown

If you hit the gym before starting your day or ride a bike ride to the office, you’ll need to pack some sweat busters. But nobody wants to lug around a huge bag of toiletries. This zip pouch lays flat as a notebook and holds the few things you need to rinse away a ride or workout without strapping an entire medicine cabinet to your back. You can also use it as a catchall for loose pens and cords in your carry-on.

How it Works

Constructed with military-style canvas (and emblazoned with playful design work you won’t find on most military-issue items), this pouch can take a beating. And the polyethylene vinyl acetate (aka PEVA) liner prevents leakage of any spills and makes for quick cleanup. The slimness requires you cut everything but the bare minimum, but it also occupies less space in your bag.

How to Use

Carry your must-haves from home to office or on an overnight escape in a pouch that’s as grown-up as it is stylish.

Canvas. PEVA lining

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I had a great big dopp kit. It was great for bringing on longer trips, however was a bit big for the weekend trip. I bought this for a weekend toiletries kit.

This is fantastic for that. Its well built, and just about the right size. (I had to acquire a shaving cream that's rub on as the shaving brush and soap just didn't fit with everything else.)

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After misplacing my passport (didn't lose it just forgot I packed it). I realized I needed a pouch for travel. This is the perfect size and the lining is awesome.

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The perfect carry-all

High quality fabric, durable lining make for a great carry-all that holds all of you everyday needs. Also one small bonus is that the zipper does not stick! Wish they came in different colors!!!

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Great Bag

While a little on the pricey side, I wasn't at all disappointed with this pouch.
The inside is fully lined with a rubber coating, making it extremely useful and diverse - whatever you put in it, it's so easy to clean out in case of liquid or powder leakage. It is also extremely sturdy.

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