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For a classic alcohol-based aftershave and a just-because pick-me-up, follow with Mr. Natty Jack Tar’s Bay Rum Aftershave.

Mr. Natty

Birchbox Breakdown

Being a proper gentleman starts with a proper shave. This handmade, 100% natural shave soap is just the thing for a smooth, creamy lather that allows your blade to glide through your “face forest” with precision and ease. It’s smooth, it’s creamy, and it has a refreshing lime and peppermint scent.

How it Works

Shave creams come with lather already built in, but with a shave soap like this one, you work up your own. Real silk fibers make for a silky smooth shave, while olive, palm, and castor oils allow for a moisturizing lather. Illite, or green clay, draws out impurities, while shea butter hydrates and soothes.

How to Use

Lather up good and proper. A badger brush works best, but your hand will do in a pinch. Shave as usual.

Sodium olivate, aqua, sodium palm kernalate, sodium palmate, rosmarinus officinalis oil, ricinus communis, butyrospermum parkii, citrus aurantifolia oil, Illite, silk amino acid, limonene, linalool

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Good for the Old School Man in Your Life

Bought this for my husband for an anniversary present. He loves the whole old school shaving thing. He was very pleased with it and smells great. It's a win-win!

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