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Nick Graham Pocket Square - Give A Dog A Bone

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Nick Graham

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Birchbox Breakdown

Like gin without bitters, a suit without a pocket square is a missed opportunity. Accessorize to the fullest with this natty silk pocket square, which features two distinct patterns for maximum versatility. Whether you opt for a classic polka dot, or shake things up with “Give a Dog a Bone,” this two-tone wonder will spice up your suit with a welcome dash of color.

How it Works

Made from 100% silk, this pocket square is an instant classic. Two reversible sides mean two ways to wear it, letting you choose the perfect pattern to suit your mood.

How to Use

Fold it in a classic square to display a single pattern, or choose a casual poof to mash-up both designs. For a walkthrough of both techniques, check out our handy tutorial.

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