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For another no-nonsense addition to your shave kit, start your routine with Schulz & Malley Pre-Shave Oil.

Schulz & Malley

Birchbox Breakdown

In your grandfather’s day, aftershave was pretty straightforward: some alcohol for a bracing sting, and a classic scent to cap your morning regimen. With that in mind, this soothing balm is a return to form, pairing a no-frills formula with a brisk, minty scent. If you’re looking for simple, enduring quality—without the bells and whistles—consider this your frontrunner.

How it Works

While this balm packs a range of botanical ingredients, menthol is the star, providing a cooling sensation and a minty aroma that’s both subtle and sophisticated.

How to Use

Pour a quarter-sized dollop into your hand, and massage over your face and neck after shaving.

Cooling Menthol, Aloe Vera, Oat Kernel Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E

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