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If your ‘stache rests atop a big, bushy face forest, keep it well groomed with a few drops of Beardbrand Beard Oil.


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Birchbox Breakdown

Whether you’re washing a Jag or shining your shoes, there’s something quite appealing about the ritual of maintenance. That was the thought behind this classic styling wax: A natural blend of ingredients in a portable, pocket-sized tube. Keep it in your jeans—next to your keys and corn-cob pipe—and your Teddy-Roosevelt ‘stache will stay crisp throughout the day.

How it Works

The best things in life are simple—like this natural, medium-hold wax. Beeswax and lanolin team up to provide lasting hold and a touch of shine, while essential oils like jojoba keep your whiskers soft and smooth. All this capped by fragrant oils in three distinctive scents: Tea Tree (tea tree, vanilla, mint), Spiced Citrus (vanilla, cloves, grapefruit), and Tree Ranger (eucalyptus, cedar, pine).

How to Use

Pop the tube, scrape off some wax with the edge of your thumbnail, and rub it in your palms to warm it up. Massage it into your mustache, styling as desired, and keep the stick in your pocket for touch-ups on the go.

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