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Form Function Form Button-Stud Sport Watch - Natural Form Function Form Button-Stud Sport Watch - Natural (Essex Light Tan)

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If your watch starts to feel commonplace, change things up with another Form Function Form Button-Stud Watchband.

Form Function Form

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  • Band: 20 mm, Case: 40 mm   
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Birchbox Breakdown

With the rare exception of canes and monocles, a watch is a man’s foremost accessory, so make sure that yours speaks loud and clear. This timepiece puts a novel spin on the classic leather watchband, pairing it with the Timex Ameritus for the right balance of design and durability. Take it backpacking across the Andes, or just wear it to work, but please, never ask it to blend in.

How it Works

The rugged Timex Ameritus gets a makeover with this button-stud watchband, handmade at the Form Function Form studio in Florida. Interchangeable bands mean infinite ways to wear it, so don’t feel you’re limited to a single combination.

How to Use

From jeans and t-shirts to suits and ties, this versatile timepiece can run with any crowd. We’ve also learned that it can tell time, just like your phone. Fancy that.

Horween Chromexcel and Veg Tan leather

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