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A water resistance of 5 bar matches a depth of 50 meters, but that doesn’t mean you should push your luck. While this watch is well suited to everyday swimming, snorkelers and divers should proceed with caution.

Quest & Quality

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Birchbox Breakdown

Not every adventuring wristwatch needs a thick-and-chunky physique. This example from Quest & Quality offers a superslim alternative, packing a solar-powered timepiece into a stylish, waterproof body. With the elegance of an artist, and the strength of an arctic explorer, this well-rounded watch will keep ticking… and ticking… and ticking…

How it Works

Made with a range of recycled resins, this watch’s sleek profile belies its stunning endurance. Its solar-powered battery will last for 3.5 months when charged, and its body flaunts a water resistance of 5 bar—more than enough for a stress-free dip in the swimming hole.

How to Use

Wear this high-octane watch to the office, gym, or swimming pool, and expose it to the sun every once in a while to keep it revved and ready.

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Great watch!

I really like this watch. Typically an all plastic watch would feel pretty cheap quality to me, but this one is well made and has reasoning behind it. I really like that it's solar powered! I definitely will be considering cashing in some points to get some of the other colors!

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Fun Watch

This watch is very lightweight, but it feels like it's made with solid construction. I like the fact that it's solar powered, and the colors are very fun for the summer time!

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