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A water resistance of 5 bar matches a depth of 50 meters, but that doesn’t mean you should push your luck. While this watch is well suited to everyday swimming, snorkelers and divers should proceed with caution.

Quest & Quality

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Birchbox Breakdown

Not every adventuring wristwatch needs a thick-and-chunky physique. This example from Quest & Quality offers a superslim alternative, packing a solar-powered timepiece into a stylish, waterproof body. With the elegance of an artist, and the strength of an arctic explorer, this well-rounded watch will keep ticking… and ticking… and ticking…

How it Works

Made with a range of recycled resins, this watch’s sleek profile belies its stunning endurance. Its solar-powered battery will last for 3.5 months when charged, and its body flaunts a water resistance of 5 bar—more than enough for a stress-free dip in the swimming hole.

How to Use

Wear this high-octane watch to the office, gym, or swimming pool, and expose it to the sun every once in a while to keep it revved and ready.

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buckle catches on everything

This watch is a little clunky, and catches on a lot: pockets, backpacks, desk, etc. This is especially true for the buckle, which does not sit flush against the band/ wrist. It has a rather sinister corner that could have been shaved down in the engineering process to prevent it from catching just about everything under the sun. Chamfering this piece would probably have earned it a five star review, as I'd overlook its lack of style (it's designed to be a summer/ vacation watch) and it's other minor flaws (the watch rattles a lot as I move my wrist).

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Great watch!

I really like this watch. Typically an all plastic watch would feel pretty cheap quality to me, but this one is well made and has reasoning behind it. I really like that it's solar powered! I definitely will be considering cashing in some points to get some of the other colors!

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Fun Watch

This watch is very lightweight, but it feels like it's made with solid construction. I like the fact that it's solar powered, and the colors are very fun for the summer time!

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