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Roosevelt Supply Leather 3D Pencil Case - Navy Roosevelt Supply Leather 3D Pencil Case - Brown

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For an old-school bag with a little more leg room, try the canvas tote made by Roosevelt Supply.

Roosevelt Supply

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Birchbox Breakdown

If we gave this bag to William Faulkner, he would probably call it a pipe case. But since you’re a man of eclectic tastes, you can call it whatever you’d like. Made with premium leather and an eye for elegance, this pouch makes a fitting home for any manly necessities, from a safety razor kit to a stock of charcoal pencils. Or if you’d rather use it to store your pipe, that’s quite all right as well.

How it Works

Soft, supple leather gives this case a vintage character, while sturdy stitching and a heavyweight zipper ensure that it stays intact, no matter where you choose to take it.

How to Use

While every man will find his own applications, we’re happy to share our thoughts. A pencil case, cable wrangler, and compact travel dopp kit are just a few suggestions.

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