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Sunpocket II - Dark Tortoise Sunpocket II - Chrystal Cedar

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Unwind après ski with the very chilled out Sunpocket Kauai Crystal Reef.


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Birchbox Breakdown

They say good looks will only get you so far, but these versatile French shades, born in the ‘70s and raised between the slopes and the shore, have travelled practically everywhere. What’s the secret to their longevity? Much like a devastatingly handsome tortoise capable of retreating into his shell, these shades protect themselves through a unique and durable collapsible design.

How it Works

Three strategically placed hinges allow these sunnies to fold, temporarily, into a more convenient size.

How to Use

Bend the sunglasses at the bridge and along the arms, into the closed position. Unfold them whenever and wherever they’re needed.

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Not very good quality or fit.

Very disappointed in these sunglasses. I was quite excited when I got them, but they broke almost immediately. A screw fell out, I replaced it but it was so loose in there that it fell out again and got lost almost right away. Eventually replaced it, but they just don't fit nice on the face. These sunglasses always feel like they are crooked. They folding is nice, but these just don't do it well.

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Dont Bother

At first i loved these shades great look and loved that they folded up. Lated 3 months i believe the hinge just snapped shame really

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