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For a hefty comb you can keep on your nightstand, go for Beardbrand’s full-size Large Comb.


Birchbox Breakdown

If your greatest fear is a scraggly beard, a tried-and-true pocket comb is worth its weight in gold. This natty number was handcrafted by G.B. Kent & Sons—a household name in Britain since 1777. Its compact size makes it equally suited to pockets, drawers, and pouches, while its sawcut teeth and buttery finish make it a joy to behold.

How it Works

This handmade comb measures 4.5” in length, and features both fine and coarse teeth to handle hair of any thickness. Sawcut grooves—meticulously polished—help it glide through even the toughest tangles.

How to Use

Keep this pocket comb handy for a mid-day refresher, whether you’re smoothing out your beard, or touching up your undercut.

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