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If understated elegance is more your style, take a gander at Harry’s original Truman Razor.


Birchbox Breakdown

Sometimes, even a man of simple tastes feels the need to rock a tux—and the same can be said for a razor. This debonair model, made from high-grade aluminum, has all the impressive qualities you’d expect from a Harry’s razor, with a lightweight design that smacks of fast cars and fighter jets. Simply put, an affordable shave never looked so darn good.

How it Works

The heart of this razor is Harry’s disposable cartridges, which feature five German blades and a flexible head for maximum comfort and control. The stylish handle is made with lightweight aluminum alloys, blending endurance, ergonomics, and a timeless aesthetic that 007 would relish.

How to Use

Attach a disposable cartridge, lather up with your favorite shave cream, and go to town on your scruff. Thanks to its five precision blades, you couldn’t cut yourself if you tried.

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Great razor at an incredible price

Razors in stores generally fall into two categories. 1) Cheap disposables that last for a couple shaves and don't work well OR 2) Better razors whose replacements cost a fortune. Fortunatly this razor solves that. The razor its self is well made and solid with a good feel to the handle. But the best part are the replaceable heads. The razors offer a great close shave and best of all are fairly cheap. I am so glad I found Harry's

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I don't love 5 blades

This is very nice looking razor and nicely designed. It's very convenient to get blades in the mail. I still feel like 5 blade razors pull at my stubble more than simpler 3 blade razors. Maybe it's the flat head design? But it seems to pull at whiskers before cutting them, creating a little discomfort.
But I will probably keep using it because it looks so good.

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exactly what i needed

I dont shave often but when i tried this razor out i was excited. it gave me a smooth clean shave. the razor was comfortable and didn't irritate my skin. definitely reccommend it.

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