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Wurkin Stiffs RFID Magic Wallet - Green Wurkin Stiffs RFID Magic Wallet - Red

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  • Width: 2¾ inches, Height: 4¼ inches, Thickness: ⅜ inch   
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Birchbox Breakdown

Keep your hard-earned dollars secure with this RFID-blocked wallet, which uses specialized alloys to shield your credit cards, license, and passport from tech-savvy thieves. Didn’t know those rascals could steal data straight from your wallet? Well, now’s the perfect time to take action.

How it Works

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. Embedded in many credit cards, licenses, and passports, this tech enables a wide range of quick-tap features, but it also exposes your sensitive data to any thief with an RFID receiver. This wallet uses an alloy matrix—hidden beneath supple Italian calfskin leather—to block scanners and keep your information secure. What’s more, its quick-folding “magic wallet” design makes cash and cards easy to store, and easy to access.

How to Use

Each wallet features four exterior card slots and an interior fitted with elastic bands to keep cards and cash in place. An ID window means you won’t have to pull your license out every time you greet the bouncer.


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