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BAGGU® Large 3D Zip Bag - Deep Aqua BAGGU® Large 3D Zip Bag - Ostrich Neon BAGGU® Large 3D Zip Bag - Sailor Stripe

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This ultraconvenient bag is available in two other sizes—Small and Medium —to suit all your storage needs.


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  • $12.00
  • 10 in. high x 7 in. wide x 6.5 in. deep   
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Birchbox Breakdown

While we could spend hours picking out one-of-a-kind wall art and other decorations for our apartment, we’ll admit, searching for storage options doesn’t quite hold our attention in the same way. But with these eye-catching, brightly hued, zip-close bags, we’re starting to get pretty excited about getting stylishly organized.

How it Works

Made of 100 percent ripstop nylon, these bags are extra durable and surprisingly spacious. Plus, the loop lets you carry it in-hand or hang it in your closet.

How to Use

This bag is the perfect size to store your winter clothes or once spring and summer roll in, or use it to store shoes when traveling.

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I love my Baggu bag. I bought the yellow one with the ostriches, and I'll be using it for all of my toiletries while on vacation. Once I get to South Carolina though, I'll probably throw it in my beach bag to keep sand off of stuff.

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not what i expected.

I was under the impression that this bag held its shape.
I got it to be my new makeup bag. However it is a very flexible collapsible bag that lays completely flat unless there is an object in it. A great bag. cute and well made, just not what
I had expected.

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