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Birchbox Breakdown

Your closet called, and it wants realllllly this bag. (No, seriously.) Its list of swoon-worthy attributes goes on and on, from the on-trend pastel exterior and the eye-catching black and white interior print to the stylish shape and detachable cross-body strap. Need we say more?

How it Works

The cotton canvas carryall boasts a zippered footwear compartment to keep clothes free of icky shoe gunk, a removable interior cell-phone pouch, and two drawstring pockets that make staying organized a snap, even on the go.

How to Use

Take it anywhere and everywhere! It’s compact enough to tote your laptop, gym clothes, and everyday essentials to the office, yet roomy enough to whisk you away for the weekend. Have a little one? With all those pockets and pouches, it makes for a pretty fantastic diaper bag too.

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Great bag

Love the color of this bag, and its a great size for a few nights. The bottom compartment is great for shoes - I could get 2 pairs in, 3 pairs of sandals. Its a light bag so it wasn't too heavy to carry even packed full of stuff. The bottom zipper can be a little hard to close but is manageable.

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Very cute bag

I love the color and style of this bag. It's the perfect size for a few days worth of clothes. There's lots of pockets inside for smaller things and the liner inside is adorable with tiny white stars on a black background. I especially love the little shoe compartment on the bottom. The zipper is a little hard to slide open and closed on the bottom compartment though.

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