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Stephanie Johnson Mini Pouch - Mumbai Buff Stephanie Johnson Mini Pouch - Mumbai Coral Stephanie Johnson Mini Pouch - Mumbai Fuchsia Stephanie Johnson Mini Pouch - Mumbai Turquoise

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If your case runneth over, don’t despair: Scoop up the Stephanie Johnson Large Flat Pouch for the same chic style in a larger size.

Stephanie Johnson

  • $33.00
  • 5 ¾ in. long x 1 ½ in. wide x 3 in. high   
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Birchbox Breakdown

To borrow a phrase from the Bard: Though this pouch be but little, it is fierce. This compact case snugly fits our lip balm, keys, and a few other little necessities —while its stunning gold-embossed pattern ensures that, small as it is, we’ll never overlook it (and neither will anyone else).

How it Works

A zip-around closure ensures that none of our necessities will slip out of this petite pouch. The Bollywood-inspired pattern is available on a range of bold-hued backgrounds, guaranteeing that, despite its small size, this pouch makes a big impression.

How to Use

Leave the makeup bag, Kindle, and sunglasses case in your tote: Fill with your absolute essentials and you’re ready to go. On days when you can’t travel quite so light, toss the pouch in your purse to help keep things organized.

Gold Printed Bengaline Body; Nylon Lining

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